The Kingdom of Murcellon encompasses forest land in the north of Aver, as well as central farmland. It is a feudal kingdom with a powerful ruling king who governs the noble houses with an iron fist. Class is very important to the Murcellons and moving from one social level to another is nearly impossible. 

Murcellon has always been a somewhat confined nation, being located between the Elven Kingdom of Turanthia in the north and the Ghendal Plains to the south, which are populated by dangerous Orc hordes during the summer months. These tight confines have lead to a dearth of fiefs, leaving the majority of the nobility unlanded. This, coupled with the fact that Murcellon has a larger than normal amount of nobles to begin with, means the majority of noblemen and women find that their only path through life is a martial one.

This has led to the existence of large noble mercenary cavalry bands who are employed by rulers and nations throughout the world. These mercenaries are also employed at home in the never ending war against the elves in the north and the continued protection of the farmland in the south from the roving bands of orcs. There is no army alive that does not dread the call to charge from the great warhorns of a Murcellon heavy cavalry.

Murcellon has been widely condemned for their practice of enslaving the elves of Turanthia. Their usual response is to point out that elves have a long history of the practice of slavery (although the northern elves of Aver have never done so.) They further assure that they only enslave those elves that they capture in military actions. However, midnight raids into defenseless elven communities have been reported by outsiders.


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