Angelus Expeditionary Force

The Angelus Expeditionary Force is the first organized effort to recolonize the Angelus Peninsula in 300 years.  It is widely known that this expedition is being bankrolled by Red Bay City.

The first wave consists of combined military forces from three of the five member states of the Averian Alliance; namely Rangers from Turanthia, noble cavalry from Murcellon, and hired adventurers representing Red Bay City itself. These forces are joined by a strong contingent of dwarven engineers and workers, as well as other support personnel from the various factions.

The second wave is much larger, and is led by The Gray Rabbit, a chieftain of the Plains of Khor. This wave consists of warriors of the plains tribes, merchants, laborers and settlers and marks the actual beginning of colonization efforts after the first wave establishes a safe beach head.

After the efforts of the two waves of the Expeditionary Force are successful, a fleet of ships will continue to bring personnel and supplies to the Peninsula, as well as ship Mithril and Adamantine back to Aver.

Angelus Expeditionary Force

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