Grand Admiral Marissa Locke

Grand Admiral of 7th Fleet



Marissa Locke is a human female of average height and weight with Black hair and one remaining brown eye. She is middle aged. Her face, although attractive, is deeply weathered from years of sailing on the open ocean. Marissa is quick with a laugh or smile, and even quicker to anger, especially to her subordinates.


Grand Admiral Marissa Locke is the commanding officer of the Red Bay City 7th Fleet. She began her sailing career many years ago as a lowly sailor and quickly worked her way up to captaining her own ship. Later in life she reformed and joined the Red Bay City Navy. Through many courageous engagements she worked her way to a grand admiralty and was hand selected by the Red Bay City Patricians to head the Angelus Expeditionary Force.

Grand Admiral Marissa Locke

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